The Classic City All-Star Band is a one-of-a-kind ensemble of musicians and bandleaders that live and breathe the world of vintage dance music. The leadership is collective, and will include sets led by Paul Cosentino (The Boilermaker Jazz Band), Laura Windley and Lucian Cobb (Mint Julep Jazz Band), and Michael Gamble (The Rhythm Serenaders). Together they will create a weekend of music that borrows from those auspicious projects, but is also more than the sum of its parts as they explore a musical chemistry that has never before been heard. Don’t miss this incredibly unique opportunity to hear some of your favorite musicians come together in swinging celebration!

Trumpet: Gordon Au
Reeds 1: Paul Cosentino
Reeds 2: Keenan McKenzie
Trombone: Lucian Cobb
Piano: James Posedel
Guitar: Chip Newton
Bass: Michael Gamble
Drums: Russ Wilson
Vocals: Laura Windley

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Keith – Blues

Keith Beckman has been dancing since one bored Friday night in 2005 got him addicted. His background is in Argentine tango, and he discovered blues dance in 2010. Since 2013, he’s been DJing and teaching in Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, and the Carolinas. He’s best-known for his love of sultry ballroomin’ blues, good whisky, and cuddles.
PC: Conway Li

Kyle – Lindy Hop

Teacher, organizer, MC, choreographer, dancer and DJ — Kyle Kelley started dancing back in 2007 and has been doing her best to do it all ever since. Hailing from Austin, TX, Kyle currently resides in Richmond, VA where she runs local organization, The Jazz Den, and regional event, Jammin’ on the James.

Frequently photographed rocking an impressive stank face, you can always tell when she is feeling a song. Whether it’s a killer sax solo, a blaring horn section, or a kicking drum solo, Kyle loves a hook that makes you want to move and she can’t wait to bring all of her favorite songs with her to Classic City. Bags are packed, tunes are prepped, and stank face is always at the ready. She’ll see you all in Athens.
PC: Wandering & Pondering – JSAlmonte

Markis – Blues

Markis Allen is an old soul DJ, with a passion for all music. He misses real R&B, and loves to keep the crowd moving. DJing a variety of events, from social dances to weddings, for the past 4 years, you’ll probably hear Markis play a throwback or two, as well as something you’ve never heard before. The best feeling Markis gets as a DJ is when the room goes silent and it’s just dancers connected to and by the music.

Stephanie – Lindy Hop

Stephanie Stratton first got into DJing during the summer of 2015, when she went down the jazz music rabbit hole and never came back. Since then she has enjoyed DJing for various Lindy and Balboa events in and around her home scene. One of Stephanie‘s favorite things about DJing is being able to share the songs that she loves with other dancers and having the opportunity to see how those songs influence their dancing. Bonus points if the song causes someone to shout out “I LOVE THIS SONG” or run up and ask for the title/artist. If you happen to spot her behind the DJ booth at an event, be sure to ask her to dance!  

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