Applejacks shoes are designed by dancers, for dancers. We want you to not only look good, but to feel good. To be able to stay on the dance floor all night and still walk back to your hotel. We believe that Applejacks represents a fresh take on comfort and design, and know that feet are as unique as personalities, which is why we don’t believe in “one size (style) fits all.”

A limited stock of Applejacks will be available during the CCS8 main dances Friday and Saturday nights from 9-11:30 p.m.

Try on the Seneca and Newport styles while getting the scoop on upcoming models!


Ever want to BE the DJ?

This year during our Friday Late Night dance, California-based Swing, Blues, Balboa, and Fusion DJ Elizabeth Lane will operate a collective DJing endeavor of all music and dance styles. The Jukebox Room will operate on first-come first-served basis with electronic and write-in requests for any tune on Spotify. To advance your selection to the front of the queue, you may add $1 to the jukebox jar.

This second dance room will operate from 12am until 1:30am only during the Friday late night dance.


Office Hour consists of mini private lessons that will take place from 3:45-4:45 p.m. on Sunday. Attendees will purchase a 5 minute slot for $10 and get personal, focused attention. We have 4 great coaches (2 primary leads, 2 primary follows) who teach regularly and are excited to work with students. They can answer questions you already have, or help you identify ways to improve your dancing. No partner is required. This is a great way to have a private lesson experience on a budget!

Leads: Dave Barry & Kemper Talley
Follows: Cate Rauschenberger & Cari Westbrook