Mike "Falty" Faltesek

Falty brings to the dance floor an incredibly diverse social and performance dance talent that includes not only Lindy Hop but also Cakewalk, Black Bottom, Traditional Jazz, Tap, Charleston, Breakaway, Balboa, Big Apple, Blues and many other Authentic American Jazz dances.  So basically all of the swing dancing.

Falty has been dancing for well over 18 years, in that time he has traveled to instruct, compete, and perform all over the globe, from Harlem to Los Angeles, Canada to Korea, and all throughout Europe. Falty is well known for his charismatic personality, approach-ability and passion for the essence of authentic jazz dance and music.  He possesses an enthusiastic ability to convey ideas and movements explicitly, making him a popular instructor wherever he goes. He has taught hundreds of workshops here and abroad, each time leaving a lasting impression on his students.

Nina Gilkenson

Lindy Hopper. Belly dancer. Hair-removal Laser Technician. The mysterious figure that is known only as "Nina" has many titles from prestigious dance competitions. But that's only a small part of her accomplishments. She can simultaneously create vintage-style dresses and then destroy them while dancing. She can make 12-minute biscuits in 10 minutes. She writes upbeat musical theatre involving funeral homes. And last, but not least, she is a part of the award-winning Lindy Hop team the Silver Shadows, which sounds like it's a group of super heroes. And that's what she is. A Super Hero--one whose main super power is doing swivels in midair. And one day, they might save the world. Until then, she lives in Baltimore and falls down a lot.

Nina is a co-organizer of The International Lindy Hop Championships, and co-owns The Mobtown Ballroom in Baltimore's Pigtown neighborhood.


Shauna Marble

Shauna is a nationally-recognized Lindy Hop Instructor, Performer, and Dancer with over 20 years of experience, living in Denver, CO. In addition to her love of Swing Dancing, her greatest satisfaction comes with teaching and encouraging other dancers, and sharing her knowledge. Her students feel and appreciate her sense of encouragement and friendship, her passion, and her humor and fun in all her classes and projects.

However, she feels her best achievements are in building Lindy Ladder, which is a free online curriculum for Lindy Hop documenting Shauna's many years of Lindy Hop knowledge, and in coaching her dear students and friends to placements themselves within Denver Swing Project.

Kyle Hankins

Based in Devner, CO, Kyle's favorite past-time is scanning the social dance floor like a like an automatic Rhumba vacuum, cleaning up any spot where there isn't some dancing going on.

Aside from dancing his favorite dance, he enjoys pretending he understands football, perfecting his steak cooking technique, waiting impatiently for the next Batman game to release, and good beer.


Jon Tigert

Jon is an internationally recognized professional Dancer, Choreographer, and Instructor in the Swing Dance community. As a teacher, Jon specializes in Lindy Hop, Charelston, Balboa, Blues, Jazz and Tap. Jon has performed and taught all over the world, including in Montreal, Chicago, New York, Santiago, Budapest, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Rome, London and more, as well as with the Indianapolis and Cincinnati Symphony Orchestras as a featured artist. Based out of Nashville, Jon can often be found travelling the globe spreading his love of Swing to all of his students.

Jenna Applegarth

Jenna enjoys pretty much any type of dancing and music you can move to, but her first love is Lindy Hop. Her energy & passion create the perfect environment for learning, creating challenging yet applicable lessons.

Jenna has attended, coordinated, and taught various workshops and exchanges all across the globe. Some of her favorite highlights are performing at Benaroya Hall in The Jump Session Show and teaching for Lincoln Center’s Midsummer Night Swing. Above all else she believes that learning to dance should be fun. With over 10 years of teaching experience, she loves finding new ways to connect with other dancers on the floor and in the classroom.

Bootcamp Instructors


Josephine Kaye

Josephine Kaye is a vintage social dancer based in Memphis, TN, specializing in Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa, and blues. Her background includes Gymnastics, Martial Arts, and a degree in Modern Dance from the University of Memphis, making her an expert in the mechanics and kinesiology of the human body. She is a principal teacher and organizer for the Red Hot Lindy Hop in Memphis TN , and also leads weekly classes in traditional American jazz dance at Rhodes college as well as other classes and studios. As a classically trained modern dancer, sculptor, and all-around artist, Josephine’s style of teaching is high-energy and focuses on the feeling and aesthetics of the dance. This style allows her to uniquely communicate to those who relate more intuitively to the dance.


Andrew Bouchard

Andrew Bouchard is an engineer and dancer based in Panama City, Florida. He has been dancing Lindy Hop and blues for over ten years, and is Panama City’s most experienced instructor in these styles. He started BLIP (Blues and Lindy in the Panhandle) in 2010, and has taught dozens of people to dance since its inception, as well as choreographing routines and leading dance teams for a regional competitions. As an engineer, Andrew’s approach to teaching is direct and analytical, explaining how and why things work. He’ll even, occasionally, thrown in an equation and inevitably another engineer in the room has an “Aha!” moment. Many around the Southeast are familiar with his adaptation of Newton’s First Law: “A follow in motion stays in motion until acted upon by an outside lead.”

Tim Korkuc

Tim likes to teach Swing; he doesn't like to write bios about himself, but sometimes he has to. He's been dancing since 2003, but he's hoping that the video from those early years stays dormant. In December 2015, he fell (in rather epic fashion) from a rock wall and tore his ACL. He's been speeding through the recovery process (post reconstruction surgery in January 2016) and is SUPER excited to teach dance again!


Aryn Rathbone

A long-time lover of jazz, Aryn first became enamored with swing dancing when she realized it meant she could dance to Duke Ellington; and she hasn’t looked back. She teaches Lindy Hop and Balboa regularly in both Tampa and Orlando. In the classroom she values technique-oriented instruction for followers and leaders, empowering students to own their learning experiences, and pedagogy rooted in a respect for the history of the dances.